Sunday, August 10, 2008

WOW! Its been that LONG??

Since my last post! So what have we been up to.... Well I can say that there's nothing much but enjoying the summer and JP got his job back. Long story short; he was let go due to economic reasons of the company - AKA company in the process of a buy over. Then suddenly his old company find out that they could rehire him and so they did.

Eh! Where did the birdies went?

Which was great, as it meant that I won't be as worried and stressed out about him being unemployed with a family to feed. Which also means that he can get out of my hair while I do my stitching!! :-) I'm really WAY behind my stitching schedule at the moment.... He will sometimes complained that I'm neglecting certain things when I stitch. Well HELLO? What is that? The only time I stitch now is when the dishes are done, Owen's asleep and toys being put away. So I don't think its fair that I can't do my hobbies while he lingers almost every hour of the day with his precious bonsais!!

There they are!

It was pretty sunny on only a few days with lots of rainy spells for the month of July. So we had to stay indoors, which was a drag since summer is the only time of the year where we get to enjoy being out doors.


But still we managed to bring Owen to a zoo and the next door tropicarium (well both small ones and fairly recent establishments) nearby one partly cloudy Saturday, and he seems to like it. I think its the space that he likes; all the space to run and wander about as he wants to! What impress him most were the birds what run freely in the bird park: he tried to run after them! The fast swimming African penguins, some swimming tortoise & goldfish (don't ask me why there's goldfish there), the very BIG bear and cub and last but not least the domestic goat! Must be from the pictures of his bedtime story book.

Wah! Look at hos fast they can go mama!

YEAH! Papa look! Got teddy bear!

He happily clapped when he saw the bear, which was funny because all the other kids were like "Wow! A big mean bear!".... The big cats (tigers, lions and lynx) did nothing to him. Or it may be that they were cat napping? But we did hear the tiger roar! And still he didn't pay attention to it unlike towards the bear.

The not so "dangerous" teddy?

At the end of the zoo/tropicarium visit, he just fell asleep within 5 minutes when we hit the road back home. Guess its all the bear excitement and running about that does it. Thank goodness all animals were well fenced in, otherwise he'll be seen as live easy bait to the cats, wolves and bears!

Despite the not so wonderful weather on the month of July, we got to enjoy the seasons cherries. All big, red, round, firm and juicy. Hmm... Now I sound perverted!! Well a picture says a thousand words!

Next we get to finally enjoy bicycle rides we JP got Owen his seat (fixed on my bike - for obvious reasons) and his very own cycle helmet! We took him for a spin to the local swimming pool. And boy did he enjoyed the ride - with the wind blowing on his face and the great scenery to match. He almost fell asleep on our way back. I didn't realised how heavy he was and unstable I handle my bike till I ride and paddle with him on the seat!!

Handsome or not? hehehhehe...

OH! Did I mentioned that he really likes to wear the cycle helmet? He refused that the helmet be taken off even after having reach home an hour! Once its on him, its on him. So now I don't have to worry about him taking the helmet off while I'm cycling OR even refusing to put them on, eh? hehehehe...

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