Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One down, the rest of rakyat to go!

Its truly a sad, sad week for Malaysians. Another true blue Malaysian has fallen while in custody of so-called Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission on July 16th. The man, Teoh Beng Hock, was a political secretary for a village assemblyman, was being called in by the commission to investigate the misused of public funding (about RM2400.- OR USD 700.-). WTF???? How about the millions missing from abandon projects and submarine purchases?

Mr Teoh has join the list of names that has fallen : A. Kugan, Samiyati Indrayani Zurkarnain, Francis Udayappan, etc etc etc. The question now for me is who will be the next victim? Could we just let the police force and whatever so-called law enforcement to continue to harass, torture and finally murder another law biding, tax paying rakyat without prove and without any possibility of seeking legal aide?

Some time ago, an online acquaintance asked me if I do follow news from Malaysia. Well to answer your question; yes I do follow them most of the time online. My sources mainly comes from Malaysia Kini and Malaysia Today. OH! Not forgetting that thanks to YouTube, I could even watch Media Rakyat! The main reason why I don't blog about them often is that I don't have facts at hand and I can't totally be dependent on online sources (for you'll never know which is which).

Plus, ever since I'm residing overseas, my vote does not count!?!? WTF?!?!? What are they afraid of? That overseas vote can and will give the opposition the winning vote? If the present ruling party has done nothing wrong, then why be afraid of it? Unless of course they know that some persons in the ruling party messed up and tried to over up issues such as the growing lists of mysterious death while in detention.

It is not to say that I can't do anything, I can. And so can you Lim! Stop saying; what to do? its the government. the government should do this and that blah blah blah blah... Why are we so content of the few brave ones doing things for us while we as the people should be the one who must demand what is rightfully ours! In every struggle, there will be sacrifices to be made. Are we just to afraid to take risks for the benefit of our children? Or are we just plain afraid of what might come after us and bring us even more problems? Oh, right the ISA, the police force, the MACC and the whole lot of our corrupted government.

Let me remind you, Dr. Martin Luther King died for the rights of African-Americans, Nelson Mandela had to do time in prison, our own Tun Razak had to deal with the Brits and then the communist for our independence. Let me also remind you that, not all overseas government and police force are better one time ago. Even some the Brits’ government officials are accused miss using public funds for personal gain. And who exposed them? The tabloids of course!

Malaysia is still a growing nation. Our future direction or path can not be the one Myanmar/Burma has taken, nor how the Chinese has always governed the country. It is up to us, the average people to improve it, to make it better for our children to live in. The real question is; are we willing to take risks to improve things? Only you know the answer.
*Rakyat - the people in Malay language

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