Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Whose the gold digger now huh?

Just got to read this on Weird News off MSN - "San Francisco's gay penguin has a change of heart". Now what would you think when you read the headlines? Strange right?

It says that for penguins real estate means a lot, which is true in a way - which reminds of a book called The Genetical Theory of Natural Selections..... I have not read the book but I heard that its not bad if you're into social studies etc.

Any ways, if penguin could be gay and decides to be straight (does that make the said penguin a bisexual?) just coz he could get the bigger piece of the "pie", in terms of survival, I seriously don't think its all wrong. Even we humans do it all the time. I seriously think at least about 30% of all divorces is due to money issue. And its not unheard of some women/men decides to marry that significant other for money/title/status. Not to mention that it creates delicious scandals and many will predict how long the marriage will last. That's what sells papers, tabloids and boost ratings for stations and or bogs! The $ sign once again.

So lets say that "happy" couple wants to divorce based on irreversible differences which could also mean $$$$, especially when the other half is a billionaire/celebrity. Look at Britney and Kevin (how much did they settled for again? 1Mil? Not bad. Even better was Trumps' divorce with 25mil...... So much money, more that all of us make in this lifetime!

Then there was a time when Mrs. Simpson was labeled as a gold digger. But then again Edward VIII gave up the crown. That’s just too bad…. OH! And there's Heather Mills!! She got about £24.5 or some where around there from Paul. I rather pity the women; she was the black sheep amongst women for a time.

Time and time again, these things happen in our humans' "natural selections" (women will always go for men who could provide; good genes etc). I don't really see the point of actually writing about of a penguin going bi just coz he could get a few meters of space and probably good genes too!!! Probably there's nothing to write about and they are desperate to get ratings/sell papers...

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