Monday, April 02, 2012

Mac book cover

Meant to blog about this earlier but was a bit tired to do so. Oh well! :) Was a little tied up some weeks ago with visits from my school friends, a gal who I've known since primary school and another gal from my SHMS days. :) Made a new friend as well with the travelling companion of my primary school friend. For which I'm glad to get to know.

So much has happened since I've left SHMS but I'm still glad to be able to keep in touch with friends or acquaintances up till now. Although friendships form from my SHMS days aren't long but I do believe that boarding school friends tend to be as close as if not closer than my own childhood friends. 
Can you spot the button? ;)

And for this friend of mine I made her a Mac Book Pro cover as a small gift. Well I actually intend to make this for her birthday last year but was so caught up with other stuff that I didn't get around making it! Plus I didn't know that she got herself a Mac Book. So.... ;)

I saw this tutorial long time ago but didn't get around making it.  So with this I present you this! LOL!

I kinda tweak the materials a bit here. Instead of flannel I use cotton (from IKEA!) and batting. Outer fabric are upholstery weight and lining light weight cotton.
Notice how IKEA-ish? LOL!

I didn't have flannel and I didn't wanna go out just to get it on a Saturday! Shops are a WAR ZONE on Saturdays that I avoid them if and when I can. Shopping that need to be done can be a very enjoyable thing to do, even to window shop, but this can only be achieved on weekdays minus Fridays.
Fits perfectly! :)

I really like this tutorial. In fact I really like photo tutorials! :) Nothing like a photo to actually see what one meant in a tutorial. I can never understand or even have the patience to read a print out of a tutorial when I'm actually in the process of making the said item. Its either I do not have the acquired language or I simply have no idea what the tutor is talking about... :p So power to photo tutorials! :D

And since I had to make sure that the batting stays put, guess what? I FMQ here! Well my 6th attempt anyway... I had to frog several times to get the tension and the stitch length right. I still have a long way to go, but hey it least this gave me a chance to try it out.

I'm going to make another one for my lappy. I went and got half a meter of a pretty printed fleece fabric - which costs me a bomb to get at our local brick & mortar! Grrr.... Man... And already I'm planning to get some jelly rolls. Guess that will have to wait for a little while. Sigh... OH WELL! The budget of a free labour stay at home mum is very tight: :(

Am planning to sew them up next week if possible and this time I'm going to use interfacing as well.


Margaret wong said...

Wow, great job, Shanny! That looks very pro. Your friend must be very very happy. Going to check out the tutorial link now, and looking forward to seeing your own cover!

Shanny said...

Thanks Margaret! :) it only looks pro because I use black base fabric!..;) the lines were wonky as usual and the FMQ aren't as well done... :p but one has to start somewhere right?