Sunday, April 08, 2012

My very own laptop cosy/slip!

My lappy cosy! Veiw from the front/top side.
Remember the Mac book cover I made for a girlfriend of mine who came sometime ago? Well I made my very own laptop cosy/slip. Mind you my laptop isn't spanking new, bought it AGES ago but haven't really though about making it a cosy or a cover.
View from the back/bottom.

For this slip, I'm using IKEA fabric again. This fabric was bought ages ago and its just one of the stash I just have to have. You know for the "you'll never know when I might need it" times? YUP! I'm a beginner level hoarder... LOL! Expert levels of hoarding needs lots of space and financial capabilities to reach.... :p
Open sesame!

Any way, the inside fabric use here is fleece or what we call here a tissue polaire. Its mainly made out of recycled PET so I'd say it environmentally friendly? Its my 1st time using this type of fabric and let me tell you, its such a "user friendly" fabric! No need to worry about fraying and there's really minimum shrinkage! :) But there's a hitch in this fabric, its really HELL to pay when you have to unpick or frog since you can't really see the almost hidden thread...

I love the pink hearts with chocolate base. Reminds me of chocolate cake with pink frosting!! :)
And since I'm in the mood to experiment, I made this slip with handles and also added Velcro on the top. Reasons being I could carry it easily and the Velcro because the top sides part refuses to close properly! LOL!
Tiny patch of Velcro here.

I'm now thinking of my next one, instead of making a button flap, I'll be making a Velcro flap that closes almost the entire opening part of the cover. And perhaps something to attach the AC wires/adaptor to the slip?

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