Monday, April 16, 2012

NNC Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary NNC! :) This year's anniversary meet was held at Mel's place. I personally wish I was there to enjoy all the good food and most importantly the good company of friends.

My gift exchange went to Radha! I hope you'll like it. :)
As with previous years, NNC's anni meet must have a challenge to those who want to join in for the gift exchange. This year is no exception. The challenge was the BIRD!! When I first read about it, I was like "WHAT?!? A BIRD??? OF ALL THINGS WHY A BIRD???" LOL! That was our initial shock when members found out that we have to make a bird shape of anything (or call it mix media if you will) to go with our handmade gift.
My very simple bird with pin " magnetic collecting" base. :)

Ply wood base with magnets attached.
So after weeks and days of brain racking and denial, I finally made that darn thing! LOL! It was really, really simple type of bird. I was at first thinking of making a peacock bird using some of my peacock feathers as tails but found out that yours truly isn't that creative to fit that thing into a box and have it mailed out safe and sound WITHOUT having some sort of accidents happening to it....  Over ambitious I am. :p
My handmade mug rug and tea wallet. I FMQ a bird design on it.

The otherside of the mug rug.

So I finally came up with the idea of reusing ice-cream box lid which I saved (I hoard empty yogurt & ice-cream containers) for something else. Made my simple bird, styled the lid to fit in magnets (was really glad to have come across really small cylinder ones) with some glue, sawed a piece of ply wood and glue it underneth so that the lid is heavier. I even made the "nest" out of FIMO clay so that the bird "stands". I forgot how much fun it was playing with modeling clay... :)
Some of my snappy purse.

When opened up...

This year, I also made some contributions towards the goodie bag. Made a small snappy foldable purse (tutorial from here) by Rashida Coleman-Hale. I tried it out the 1st time and it came out looking great! So I went ahead and made 20 of them! LOL! Yeah, tell me about "production line" à la a pair of hands! Just thank goodness I finally made the 20th purse in time to have it mailed out 3 weeks before.... Blindstitching 80 corners is hard work! LOL! So you people better enjoy it OR ELSE! LOL!

Wonder what's brewing for next year's challenge?


Veronica said...

I love those snappy purse you've made. Thank you so much! Your gift is beautiful. Lucky Radha. Hope you receive my gift soon :)


Shanny said...

Thanks Vero! I didn't know that I got yours.. hehehehehe.. Or may be did I skip that msg on the board?... Can't wait!

Janet C said...

Love your snappy purse. Thanks!