Wednesday, May 02, 2012

NNC Anni gifts!!!

I meant to blog about this earlier but somehow manage to get side tracked with the kids and currently building my own Postage Stamp Quilt blocks for SAL with a group of NNC ladies.. :p I'm so happy and glad to be surrounded by very wonderful like minded, talented and generous friends!!! :D
Don't you just love parcels in the A.M.? :)
JUST LOOK AT THE GOODIES!!! Its early Christmas for me... YAY!!!
So here it is, my gifts from Veronica, Malaysia, who is by the way one very talented little lady! :) She does cross stitching and also AMAZING sewing and embroidery work!! GOSH! Her gift to me is a tote bag with a little bird and the bag itself looks like a little cage... Very NICE! And she claim to be doing her first appliqué work!! 
My gift from Veronica.
Just look at the neat work!
OH! As for the bird, this is a super duper bird. Its a little pouch bag bird shape that she designed herself! How clever is that! And I'm now the very proud owner of this wonderful bird. :)

Avery talented Miss Veronica's pretty bird and not to forget wonderful gifts from  Madame Mel.
Check the bird here !
My photo taking skills are so.. limited! :((

OH!!! Not to mention the goodies that arrived in the same box!!! I was squealing in delight in the a.m. and nearly woke sleeping K! hehehehehe... And he can be such an Oscar (from Sesame Str.) in the morning or when ever he wakes up with loud sudden noise... :p  I was over the moon and felt rather spoilt by dear friends with these goodies. Only thing was I just wish I was there to experience the real gathering. Oh well. :) Perhaps next year?

MW actually made this after what I said on board about "that DARN BIRD!!" LOL!
Nice! :)
Now I wonder what will our dear headmistress of NNC come up with for next years challenge? I'm already thinking ahead now at the endless possibilities sewing and cross stitching item. And no, am NOT going to even give further hints after that 2 hints.

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Veronica said...

So happy to see that everything has arrived safely. By the way, did you read Margaret's comment about you on my post? Cracks me up!