Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some tote... :)

Front side of the bag

Made this tablet tote as a birthday gift for a friend last week. I took me awhile to browse on line at tutorials but I finally found one that I really like from Amy's Creative Side. The original tote doesn't have handles but I added them any way since she would want to carry them around. 
Back side of the bag

What I realised while making this tote is that not all tabs have the same dimension! Some like what my friend have is an ASUS Transformer Prime (such Optimus Prime name!!) bundle with a keyboard, means that I can not make this too snug as it will not fit both items at the same time - and may be any external hard drive if she wants to. So I made them a little wider on the depths about 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch. 
The chocolate and pinkish heart fleece.... 

As some of you might have noticed that the fabric is once again from Ikea. They have the most affordable canvas fabric around town. And some times with really nice designs as well. :) I didn't use batting this time as I was using fleece for the interior. I guess it'll be enough since even if I use batting with cotton fabric inside and out, it won't protect from the shock of dropping from high places. So let's hope that she doesn't drop it! :p

Pretty roses...  Don't they look real?? 
And I also made these felt flowers as part of the gift ribbon warp. I used light beige felt and dye it over using food dye! LOL! Can not afford textile dye for such small quantities and plus I still have some left over (waaayyyyy over use by date!) liquid food dye. I really liked how this turn out as we know roses comes in all sorts of colours now and even sizes! :) 

The 3rd still wet flower... :p 

I followed this tutorial from One Star Away. She has picture loaded tutorial here. So its pretty easy to follow! I didn't  forgot to get a picture of the whole ensemble: all warped up and ready to go. It was really pretty with rick rack ribbon tied around and the roses in the middle (I glued a brooch cum alligator pin behind it) as we were running late for the party lunch. Oh well! I just hope that she gets to enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making it. 

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