Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bakin' Sunday

Pineapple rolls....

Today is the only day which I've not held Owen for at least half the day. The reason? Was busy bakin'! :)

Hubs was out in the morning for his weekly tennis sessions and it was time to look after Owen while I busied myself doing mis-en-place for baking. What I did today; Pineapple rolls and Peanut cookies. Was suppose to do Chocolate chip cookies as well, but I was DEAD TIRED after all the baking, cooking (lunch & dinner) and then cleaning up.... :p But I was really satisfied with the way the tart came out.

It was my 1st time try and am happy to say that the pastry and jam turned out really well. The jam I made a day earlier and popped them in the fridge (as adviced by mum, thanks!). Appearently some people mix in milk powder and some custard powder. But mum said, its up to personal preference. So I added Owen's milk powder into it and you know what? It tastes great! hehehehehe....

Oh, both of us were a little bit sick; runny nose, slight fever and body ache. So that's why I said I was DEAD by the time I finish the whole cleaning up. And I kinda miss him after awhile - actually the whole day. Since I'm missing him already for a single day of not holding him, I really doubt that I'm NOT GOING TO MISS him, if we left him with my mum for a holiday; as sugguested by mum!! Hmmm.... May be when he's alot older. Make that when he's 30! LOL! I think all mums will have to agree that some of us share the same feeling for each and every children we have.

Dream getaway- Bora-Bora Island.... picture from

But a holiday, as suggested by mum, would be nice for a change. Just the 2 of us; hubs and me, out in an island some where.... Ahh...... That would be so nice indeed. You see, we've not had our honeymoon. The reason? We were thinking everyone has honeymoons, its just so the norm. Why not go some where nice every now and then. And at the same time save up some money just to go to some where really, really far and dreamy; the French Polynesian Islands, Male Maldives, Hawaii or even the Caribbeans perhaps? I'll be heaven when the day comes! :)

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