Saturday, February 16, 2008

So how was your Valentine?

Pretty orange bunch

It was Valentine's day on Thursday. What I did on that day? Hmmm... Let see.... Well for one it was our laundry day. We aren't allowed to install our own washing machine here - as per the landlord. So we had to use the common washing machine - which was ok considering the fact that there's two machines with 6kg capacity each, plus we have our own timetable of who uses it and when. But its not free - goes by a "cash card" system. Anyways, even if we have our own machine, its not "free" as well - who's paying the electriciy and water needed to run the machine? Just the sake of convenience.

Hubs and I agreed that we won't make a big hooha about Valentine's. So we're pretty proud to say that we didn't! Why? Has anyone notice the price tag for a flowers (especially RED roses), chocolates or anything that has everything to do with Valentine's day? YUP! The price is soaring like the price for oil these days. Its really a scandal when these item seems to "go back to normal" right after Valentine's day... :p How about a special Valentine's menu in restaurants? Well these "specials" I can tell you is sometimes not really that worth it - again for the prices and the quality versus quantity question.

Its not that we want to prevent people from celebrating this special event. Its just that it somehow no longer seems to be special from being comercialised actively. What happend to old fashion small everyday gestures for our loved ones? Is it no longer special to us? I wonder. But if one want shower their beloved with expensive gifts and what nots, why not? But I would LOVE to see if they could do it every other month, not only on Valentine's day. Aren't we suppose to show/celebrate love everyday and not only on that specific day? Hmmm..... I wonder.

Anyways, with us there's no really a "celebration". Hubs got us a bunch of orange roses at the very last minute from our neighbourhood supermarket. Why orange roses? I think its a very pretty colour and its not red! ;) No chocolates or any special dinner. And no, we didn't go out just the two of us. No babysitter - well basically its virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get one last minute during this time of the year any way. So our Valentine's was spent at home as always, with just a bunch of none red flowers! So how was your Valentine?

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vEr0n!c@ said...

They might not be red but they sure are beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day. P.S. Today's the 15th on the Luna Calendar - Chinese version of Valentine's Day too ^.^