Sunday, February 24, 2008

Finally found

Roti pan fry - dry is best. Better still with curries... yummy!

ROTI CANAI!!! muahahahahaha.... Was suppose to get basmati rice from this Indian/Sri Lankan shop nearby. But the lady boss (she lived in S'pore for some time) asked me out of the blue if I'd like roti. My eyes lilted up and said; you have them? She told me that they got them just recently.

Happy birthday papa! We love you!

I was really happy to find something so familiar and taken for granted at home. Even though its frozen, its really better than not having them at all... :) And besides, it was hubs' birthday. So I made dhall curry (my veggie not spicy version) and also pork curry. So you can say its curry nite!

70% dark chocolate with butter is..... Heaven....

But what about dessert? Well, no birthday ever feels complete without desserts right? I made chocolate fondant cake à la française. Not bad for the 1st try. It looks like what the Americans call "lava" cake; you know where the centre just melts in the mouth types? Well, this one melts in the mouth but unlike the lava cake, one has to pop it in the fridge once its cooled from baking. And let me tell you, the wait was horrible!!! This is one cake that needs time to "blend in", sort of like tiramisu. The kitchen smells so nice of chocolate and I really (REALLY) wanted to eat it right when it came out of the oven.... But after eating it, it just "stays" in the stomach!!

Results in this..

Chocolate fondant cake is one cake that I would make may be twice a year. Reason being its too heavy on the stomach for anything else. Would not make this during summer time either. I so really wanted to make something Owen could eat for his 1st birthday this June. I saw some really cute and nice jelly cakes online. But its only sold back home! I might wanna try to make one of those but I doubt that I'll be any good at pouring the colours into their proper "places" in the mold.... You see, I got of of those Winnie the Pooh silicone mold (small ones) to try out. It did however de-mold easily but with minor colouring mixes accident(at least I tried!) . It doesn't look easy to keep the colours from mixing with each other. I really wonder how they could did it....

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