Friday, February 01, 2008

Chinese New Year coming soon.....

Its almost a week away from Chinese New Year, which falls on 7th Febuary 2008. And this year is the year of the Rat. I for one don't like rats that much and read some where that this year would be a roller coaster ride for us.

Well whatever ride it is, we'll just have to live through it no? Anyways, I am so looking forward to try out baking this Sunday; Pineapple tarts (made the jam yesterday), peanut cookies (or may be cashew nut?) and chocolate chips.... Its really been awhile since my last baking - X'mas! I so miss kuih kapit and the other CNY goodies at home...... *sigh

I so miss my family come every CNY. I could still remember my mum would gang up with our neighbours to make CNY goodies. Aunty A would bake pineapple tarts, Aunty B would make muruku etc.... May be I just miss the way the house and entire neighbourhood would smell so lovely from all the baking and cooking that is going around.

Which reminds me, mental note: spring clean the house on Mon or may be Tues. Ah... Spring cleaning time.... Cleaning our house back home is like torture for us kids... Since mum was busy working and baking/cooking, sis was lazy bum (don't even clean her own room), so the task was left to me, alone.... That time I really (REALLY) hate house work. And I still detest house work now, BUT have to do it since Owen is crawling around and "tasting" every thing he could put his grubby hand on..... But now I think I'm a bit lucky since we're living in an apartment and not a HOUSE. Cleaning a house would take me at least 1 whole day of simple cleaning. I could imagine spring cleaning; 2 days.... Now it takes me 3 hours max IF Owen doesn't kill the "cleaning groove".

Will post some pics and update of my baking "situation" next...

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