Monday, October 03, 2011

Looky what I got!!

This is a backdated post. Life is just full of surprises these days...
My Chinese Mug Rug from Margaret, Kuala Lumpur of NNC! I received them one morning last week as I was rushing out the door with little Kevin in tow. :) Since that day I didn't get a chance to post anything about it!! :(((

My Chinese Mug Rug with a dainty goldfish tea cup and some packets of Chinese tea. TQ MW!!
THANK YOU so much for such a beautiful mug rug MW! For a novice, you're pretty good at it! So next project would be a single quilt? hehehehehe... By the way, I really Like the cherry blossom fabric in the middle and also the blue crackle fabric goes very well with the whole ensemble.

Did I tell anyone how this humble crackle fabric from MODA made nearly EVERYONE at NNC gaga over?  But of course it was sold at such a ridiculous price per meter at the local fabric shop that everyone wants to get even a few cms of it.... I was kicking myself for NOT being home when the frenzy of this fabric was on. OH WELL!

So for my part of the exchange, it's done only that I need to get some tea/coffee from the local shops here before posting it off. It was quite brain cracking as I was looking for ideas and to figure out how to put it all together was nail biting and or hair pulling process! LOL! But its all done and I'm glad as I did learn a thing or two while put it all together.

As you can see from my lists of projects, I FINALLY finish the Winnie the Pooh wall clock kit meant for the boy's room. Only thing now is to frame it up. My next thing right now is to try to stitch a birth sampler for a new arrival on hub's side, to make some more stuff for my web shop, whip something up for the NNC Anniversary gift exchange, some X'mas ornament for a very nice neighbour of mine, then perhaps some Xs on my UFOs. I am not sure IF I'll ever make it to the last thing on this "to-do" list though. As usual having the extra time and my little ones behaving like angels would be a perfect. AS IF!

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