Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stuff I've been up to

It has been a long while since I've posted any thing here. My bad.... :p Been busy preparing some new seasonal items for my shop as my partner and I will be selling our wares at Christmas market next town. No it won't be the one in Montreux. It'll be in Blonay about 20 minutes drive from our place. :)

There's just so much to do and so little time to prepare! For the time being I've made some felt flowers, just not as fast as I thought that I would go...

First off is that I need to make more items to add in and I find that at the moment I do have limited dough to spread as I do not have a fix income working in a non-profit environment AKA stay at home mum. :( That's why I'll have to just make do with what I have on hand and perhaps look for cheaper alternatives. :p

Secondly, I really need to rethink my packaging and labeling for my items. Mind you people are looking for well presented handmade items and I clearly do not think my current zip lock method will cut it at the Christmas market. Even though it'll be a smallish (will be held in a school gym) thing but still... I'm now thinking of getting organza fabric by the meter and sew some gift pouches. Organza is not that expensive fabric but still I do not want to get it locally as I'll be paying at least CHF3 to CHF5 extra per meter! I know, Switzerland prices are bloody crazy...

As for labeling, I'm making my own tags using my Big Shot machine. :) I knew I didn't make the wrong decision in spending CHF130.- for that! :))))

One of my flowers, all hand sewn... :) And I didn't use my Big Shot for this!!  

So now I leave you to admire one of my felt flowers. Am not sure how to finish it off at the moment. Perhaps I'll double it as a clip/brooch/gift topper ensemble. Any suggestions welcomed!!!! :)

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