Monday, October 31, 2011

Mug Rugs!!

I meant to post this some time back. Thought that with the 2 weeks school break I would have some time. But how wrong I was!!! LOL! It just seems to zip by so fast these days... *sigh OH WELL!

I  recently (more than 6 months ago) join the lovely people from NNC in a mug rug exchange with the recent mug rug fever there.... :D  We have the option of either joining for only the mug rug exchange or Chinese mug rug exchange OR even both. I joined both. As this is a secret exchange, meaning the receiver doesn't know beforehand who will send their mug rugs makes it all the good surprise!

Maple themed mug rug! Thank you so much Sabariah...
I received my mug rug two weeks ago from Sabariah. She made me a Maple themed rug! It was really pretty and had an autumn feel to it. She also gave me some maple leaf tea! I didn't know it even existed! I immediately brewed some that morning when I got them. It was has a refreshing maple smell and taste to it. I've even added some maple syrup and you know what? It tastes even better... :D
My Chinese fan mug rug to Mel

My partner was Mel from Kuala Lumpur for the Chinese mug rug and Janet from Ipoh for the mug rug. For the Chinese mug rug, I did a combo of cross stitching and patch work to show off the classic fan look. I inspired by (and immediately fall in love!!) this mug rug at Crafters by this wonderful creative lady. Though I had a go at making my own template after finding out how much it costs to get a Dresden plate template. I know I'm cheap like that! hahahaha... Any ways I don't think I would be making a lot of that type of pattern to make it worth my CHF. The XS pattern was from a book by Shopie Hélène entitled Chine (China in French). The fabric I used was bought while I was home. I got at least 1 meter of it I really like the print.

For Janet, I was really cracking my head for ideas until the very last minute! LOL! You know what they say about creative juices overflowing when "pressed"... :p Got the coffee themed fabric early this year for "just because" reasons and it was rare to find these type of print in my LNS!

BTW, I used to have 2 LNS but the other 1 closed down due to retirement reasons. :(( The only one that is still running now will be going into retirement (the owner) soon...... *sigh.....

My heart side of the mug rug to Janet
I saw this Seminole piecing technique while I was browsing for ideas. Had a "nice" time figuring out the dimensions and how to piece the whole thing together. All trial and error method with me! :p But at least I learned something new in the process right?

The appliqué mug and cookies side.

So I made a reversible mug rug for Janet; hearts one side and appliqué mug and cookies the other. I had to frog the binding the 1st time as I didn't like the way it turned out. Who ever say round corners are easy are wrong. I was having problems turning the piece! Any ways, I also tried my hand at FMQ for this piece. Also did it twice! LOL! I must say that I have to practice and practice more often to get the stitch length right. Perhaps I will find the time to do so next year??... hehehehehe...


Precious Crafts said...

What a great job! They are all so lovely! Mel and Janet must be thrilled! And you have the Maple themed rug - aren't you a lucky gal!

Shanny said...

Thank you very much!! :) Maple trees are so pretty during autumn. Their colours are so vibraint!!