Monday, April 03, 2006

Buying into technology (blogged on 04/10/2005)

Just recently I've got me self a new accessory i.e. new laptop.. Well sorry girls, its not a new handbag or some new make-up item like the rest of the girls around. Those stuff are expensive here and its really not worth my money to follow the trend these days. Anyways, my other IT smart half (yes I'm the dumber IT half) decide to "plug and play" the wireless set at home so I don't need to move the wires around. Nice thought no? hehehehe...

Going wireless around our apartment has so much freedom now! I mean I could even send an email while doing the "big one" in the toilet! hahaha.... Well thank goodness the other side don't have to smell what's in store from my toilet! eeiikkkssss! Now I really think that its high time that some of us heavy Internet users at home get wireless technology. What's the point of moving cables around the house when either one family member could trip and hurt themselves right?

Desktops and laptops now are so much more affordable now compared with several years ago. What I think is that with technology stuff, prices goes up once they're first launch. But times goes by (about 6 months after product launching), prices goes down as new sub-products replaces the first model.

Now its not that I'm actually encouraging people to rush out of their homes to get a new desktops/laptops with wireless connection. Its just that we as consumers most of the time scum to temptations of buying into technology features that we either don't understand or don't even use it! I am such person, thank goodness my significant other pulls me back to earth! Thanks dear! *wink *wink...

So figure out what you really need and go through the pros and cons of the said feature first BEFORE buying anything. Otherwise you'll end up with an unused advance feature item (coz you hardly ever click it on your pc) and a really big hold in your wallet!

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