Monday, April 03, 2006

Work (blogged on 16/08/2005)

The one word that would send me to momentary blackout... Well, see this word could not have such less meaning unless I really like what I do or with whom am I going to work with.

Now working in my line of job requires team work and for some, strategy. So when 1 falls out of line we have to put him/her back in line or into place. Its like clockwork, if you know what I mean. That's what you do when you're the senior and mind you my ears haven't been having great time listening to complaints between management and staff alike. But then again when you do finally take action, the staff will face you with a type of "face" so black that you think the coal is a tat bit shinier! Of course management loves it when you take action. Of course it is I who have the "pleasure" of working with these "black" faces day in & day out.

So the moral of this? When you're the junior, please (I MEAN PLEASE!) do have some consideration in thinking about what you did and why it was wrong? Plus do have some consideration that the person telling you off is not (I REALLY MEAN IT) having a good time telling off as well... BUT if you're the senior; really the problem will come when your tact in telling ppl off isn't polished enough. I'm still learning this, most of the time the hard way!

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