Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Why do you have to be nasty wor?!?

To those who have been reading my posts, the ones marked as "blogged on..." was my previous blog from another blogging site, which I have to fork out $$$ every month if I want to have my stuff archived! I mean COME ON! It's really a significant amount of extra spending I'm talking about and I'm not going to fork out several hundred dollars (in USD) a year just to archive my stuff!?!? And besides I don't think I've blog enough to be spending that amount of money just to keep records....

Anyways, since I last quit my job (some shitty history lor...) and am now looking for one (been either to busy or lazy to look for steady employment!!). Its not been that easy. I've been putting away some stuff that I've been meaning to do (sewing stuff) and have been taking up one of my long forgotten skills; cross stitch! So basically, I'm now putting them all into action. That is WHEN my DMC floss arrives from UK. Bought them cheap from eBay ler... hehehehe... I mean its so much cheaper to buy off the Internet then from the Swiss shops! I will only spend less If and WHEN I could find alternative. I'm better off paying CHF55.- for about 60 skeins of thread from eBay than CHF145.- from local shops!!

So far to finance my "projects", have been taking up some side income (part-time) from freelancing with a recruiting company. So far so good... I've done some work today with a retail outlet specializing in audiovisual (selling DVD, CD, their players etc, computers and books) stuff. I can say that it was ok as far as the pay goes. Can't say the same with the staffs there. There's ALWAYS a few bad apples to spoil the entire basket isn't it.... I mean come one lar! I'm also working mar... Just explain to me what I have to do and how I have to do it will do no? I'm here working also for $$$$ and I don't need to hear your other comments besides work. I'm not asking for much am I? My question is, why most permanent staff will treat part-timers (like yours truly) like they are useless piece of junk or a door mat? We're only here for 1 day what? And may be NEXT time when it's your turn to be jobless like us, you'll have to knock on our door for work ler? Will we help you then? May be and may be not.

What's more, I think its a vicious cycle. An ever continuous cycle of "You treat me bad now, I treat you bad the next time round". Why can people understand this verb "Treat others like you want other to treat you"? Its high time to break this "tradition", otherwise I fear that there won't be a lot of nice people around doing nice things to others without expecting much of a return....

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