Monday, April 03, 2006

Food Factors (blogged on 10/09/2005)

Its been damn long since I've eaten any really good food in restaurants (Asian in particular) here in Switzerland. I've been here for almost 5 and half years and I really find Asian food here is ma-ma-tei (as in 50-50). Nothing that really makes me actually come back for more or even remembers what it taste like. The only place that I could actually remember was when I'm in Paris once a year! That is also has something to do with MSG, I think! hehehehe... But anyways, I'm sure my hubby's relatives really know how to actually cook Vietnamese food and how it has to taste like. Unlike the one I make myself at home... Hhmm.... May be take some lessons from them huh?

But you know living overseas actually teaches one to be self reliance, especially on ones cooking abilities! I could still remember when I was living in Zurich while doing my internship for 6 whole months and during my days off I'll conduct some sort of cooking lessons for a friend of mine whom know nil about cooking. Hey! I didn't say that I'm a really good cook but at least its edible and I only taught her the basics; i.e. do not burn the food, make sure its not too salty/sweet etc. It was really fun then!

But now since I'm working full time, I really have to time to actually experiment like I used to do with "fine cuisine". Poor hubby! Awww..... sniff sniff.... I think it would be better next year since I'll be doing some adjustments to my working life! And then we'll talk more about food huh? But then again, finding ingredients here is so difficult!!! Well I guess we'll just have to adjust the recipe instead, no?

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