Monday, April 03, 2006

Is there a "new life"( blogged on 22/09/2005)

Like what the title says, but this is after being married! Why do people like me wants to be married while staying single has so many advantages? Is married is where a new life actually begins like how some soapy love song goes?

For some perhaps a new life begins with graduating from uni or getting a new job for the first time, owning a new home or even actually being a first time parent. So I think being married is not necessary the beginning of a new life. To me a new life is like ditching something old (bad habits, attitude etc) and making adjustments to actually accommodate something/someone new.

I mean we could still be ourselves, right? Like still maintaining our good side of nature (walk round our own place in our underwear/naked for example!! hehehehe...) unless we actually irritate someone, spoil the entire experience or our surroundings .... But why in the first place do we want to change anyways unless its for the best right? But what does happen if we decide not to change? Would we be stuck behind? Would people around us say we're just to damn stubborn, have a 6 year old thinking or even plain old fashion? I for one has change ever since I'm living so damn far away from home, got a job and got married here. But from what I can see, I'm still me but of course with some clamping limit (that's for keeping my big mouth shut!) and not to mention am making minor adjustments in our lives for better living conditions/being together or whatever....

Well anyways, the conclusion is the we humans are an evolving species. We're a species that learn from past experiences to make our own future decisions in life. Therefore in order to actually began this so call "new dimension of life", we make sure that we make changes that suit each and every situation

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